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#R.V1 Running with Training Wheels

Casper: Good luck virgin. Just remember what I told you, trust your gut and you will be fine. But here are a few words of advice…do you know what destroys all? Pressure and time. You need to bring both to the table against the corps. Unless you are running against Jinteki, make some quick cash (Sure Gamble is good here) and then hit their servers hard, without breakers. I know it sounds crazy but listen. One of the worst things you can go against is a program destroyer like Roto Turret but if you got no programs, then you gots no problems. You also run the “other” server you are not interested in. Maybe force them to lose some cash rezzing that ice. THEN you go after the OTHER server, the one you want. I like R&D. If you still have a brain afterwards, you should be looking at a poorer corp. You keep running without a rig like that until you can’t, maybe setting up some future opportunities with parasite or beginning the hardware part of your rig. Its hard for the corp to touch that.

If you are runnin against Jinteki though, its the opposite. You got to play the cards you want the most and keep enough back to save your skinny ass when their ice begins ripping chunks off of you.

Now, you still green, which means you got to get your feet wet before you pick your faction. They each have their different style. Criminals, well they like the money but they’re a little bit impatient. So, they like to hone in on the HQ. Successful runs here give them a lot of advantages: like money and/or the ability to affect ice on other servers and even steal some money from the corp. Shapers, they usually stick with R&D and have lots of cards to increase the probability of getting agendas. Anarchs depend on viruses a lot which usually come with successful runs. A corp can really ruin their day if they got ice protecting all their main servers and the Anarch can’t get pass any of them. Anarchs can go for either HQ or R&D but again, bets are they will target the R&D server.

A good corp will ice the relevant servers based on the runner identity they are playing.

Anyways Dash, good luck to you and I will see you on the other side. No doubt you will be a little scarred but wiser. Keep runnin’. Casper.


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