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Making Lemonade

<<Vandalism on the walls of Jinteki New Angeles>>

No great man has been a victim of Destiny.

What does it mean?

Casper: It means that you make the most of the cards you are dealt. Literally. When you are are running..not complaining.

What does it mean?

Slee Nake(VP of Jinteki Sales): My mom always said if you get handed lemons, than you make lemonade. Even if you wanted orange juice. You look at your options at all times, in this case a hand full of cards and you try to pick the best play from the options you have in front of you. You don’t bemoan the fact you don’t have certain cards but you maximize the “best” options you have in front of you. Ask yourself what a computer would do with the options you have available and play those moves.

What do you do when you don’t have the cards to make a successful run? If you are running and you have no ice breakers, don’t spend ALL your clicks drawing for them(but use some and use them early), rather start playing cards with the long game in mind, especially if the agendas scored by your opponent is low. This means you have some time to establish yourself. You play econ cards like daily casts, kati jones, cyberfeeder, etc and prepare your rig for the future.

For the corp, it is a little different. A corp doesn’t need a rig to setup but they need to establish a defense. The most common win strategies for the corp are flat-lining the runner and fast agenda scoring. For the first strategy the corp needs to tag the runner. This means they need money and cards that can achieve the tag. Setting up servers with the various campaign cards (PAD, Adonis, etc.) are important early on. They can also be used as a means of denying the runner credits, which in turn makes your servers more impregnable because they have a trash cost which the runner has to pay if they want to deny the cash to you. That’s why it is important to only rez these cards at the beginning of your turn. This maximizes their usage for you. To tag a runner means you usually have to convince them to run through ice that can achieve this effect and/or successfully run servers and/or even grab agendas. Its not uncommon for an NBN player to install a low cost agenda like Breaking News to bait the runner to steal it and then follow up with a Midseason Replacement followed by a Scorched Earth. Determining which servers the runner is likely to run against is important before installing cards that give runners tags. For instance criminals typically run HQ a lot and Shapers run R&D. Knowing this, you can install your ice accordingly.

For corporations who win through fast advancing agendas, cards like San San City Grid have to be in place, and/or agendas that allow quick scoring. You may have to draw cards to find these and at the same time defending your HQ and then R&D with ice. Initially, you want low ice on these servers while you create income for yourself to rez more expensive ice later on. Once you create a situation which supports fast advance and it is protected well, then you can start looking for the agendas to place in those servers.


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